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Do not miss this wristband. It is a handmade piece of genuine leather with 925 sterling silver and two Bogwood beads at each end. Combining elegance, creativity, craft skills and the use of Morta wood. Each piece is unique and one of a kind, available only in brown and black leather.

The bracelet comes in a closed box with special wax and a small cloth to take care of the wood beads.  The regular use of leather protection cream is also recommended.

This is a singular, ecological and unique garment.





All our pieces, due to their delicate nature require some caring from time to time. For this reason, we offer a special pack including a soft cloth and wax especially aimed for wood care. A silver cleaner can also be used to clean sterling silver pieces, in this case, avoid contact with leather or wood parts.

MORTA, which is the main material we use, is a millennial and extremely delicate material created from the trunks of trees that have lain in bogs, and bog-like conditions such as lakes, river bottoms and swamps, for centuries and even millennia. Deprived of oxygen, the wood undergoes the process of fossilization and morta formation. Due to its century’s long exposal to water currents that bind the minerals and iron in the water with tannins in the wood, naturally staining the wood in the process, in a centuries-long process, often termed "maturation," turns the wood from golden-brown to completely black, while increasing its hardness to such a level that it can only be carved with the use of specialty cutting tools, no two trunks can be found of the same colour.







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